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An Accounting of Weakness

Title: An Accounting of Weakness
Author: vyduan
Rating: TV-14
Disclaimer: All characters belong to JJ Abrams and Bad Robot.
Characters: Sark, Julia/Sydney, Vaughn, Lauren
Warnings: Angst and implications of sex. Character death.
Challenge: Mission Fic Possible: June; Mission Prompt Possible: September
Word Count: 1022
A/N: Originally posted at CopyThat. Everything up through the end of S2. Veers off into AU after that. Assumes Sark was exchanged to the Covenant for his inheritance while Sydney was still Julia Thorne. Also refers to 3x14 Blowback (albeit in a somewhat changed fashion). All quoted dialogue from Blowback courtesy of Twiz TV.

scathing: (adjective) Bitterly denunciatory; harshly critical.

An Accounting of Weakness

It had been eleven months, two weeks and six days since Sydney Bristow's fiery pyre consumed her body and all her worldly possessions. Read More...Collapse )

Since the markets were closed today, I didn't have to go into work. And all day, these birds have been singing, twittering, and chatting their beautiful melodies outside in the trees by my house. It has brought a smile to my face every time I think of it and every time I hear it.

Mar. 5th, 2008

It's been awhile since I've posted some dance videos. :) (In the case of LJ, the first time!)

1) This one, look for the yellow pants in one session and red pants in the other. (I'm mostly out of frame for the red pants part.)

2) This one, look out for the yellow pants again. Sheesh. I just filmed a video today wearing the same dang pants. Clearly, I only wear these once every three weeks. What can you do?

And lastly, I'm in love with the new Madonna song featuring JT and Timbo.

Choice Foods

I shake my head
How diligently, faithfully
Day after day
You choose to eat shit and mud pies
When a bounty sits in front of your eyes


I had a wonderful weekend that also felt like I packed a lot in (even though it was normal length). Saturday morning, my mom and I held a seminar at the church where J and I got married a year ago.

Then, all three of us had lunch and went out to watch the Spiderwick Chronicles (pretty good!) and had Coldstone Creamery ice cream afterwards (we made them sing for us), shopped at Draeger's (a fancy Wholefoods/Williams Sonoma/Papyrus mashup), and did some shopping. We chased ducks, walked in the sprinkling rain, and had a wonderful time. My mom had such a good time, she said she was putting it in her journal. YAY!

Then, we came home and napped. Afterwards, we went to DC's house to play board games and then later in the evening, my beloved CB (formerly of CM) stayed the night and we chatted a long time! Next morning, made omelets and juice and hung out some more.

I had a phone appointment for work and then I chatted with KL in NYC. (Feel better soon!!) Then, J and I met up AW and JN at the Bridges Restaurant in downtown Danville (where they filmed Mrs. Doubtfire). Then we came home to play some more board games. And we were happy to spend our first anniversary with friends we love and care about! whooohoooo!

Happy days, indeed.

The High Cost of Love

Title: The High Cost of Love
Author: vyduan
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: All characters belong to JJ Abrams and Bad Robot.
Ship: Sydney, Vaughn, Sark
Warnings: Angst.
Quick Summary: The CIA orders Sydney to get close to Sark and find out his endgame.
Word Count: 1128
A/N: Originally posted at CopyThat. S2 after Sark joins SD-6. Irina is not in custody and there is no Evil!Francie. Veers off from there. One shot.

The High Cost of Love

"You can't order me to do this, Vaughn." She twisted away with violence, choosing to study the intricate details of the chain link fence.

"No one's asking you to sleep with him," he volleyed back, brow wrinkling. "All we are asking you to do is gain his trust and confidence. How you do that is up to you."

Jan. 29th, 2008

I think this article on poor Haitians eating dirt almost made me cry. It also made me angry that the article included nothing on what we could do.


My trip to Taiwan and Tokyo



Welp, I'm back from my two-week trip to Taiwan and Tokyo. Right now, I'm cranky cuz for some reason, my wireless card (including a new one I bought to fix this problem) isn't connecting to my wireless router. boo. So, I guess I'm kicking it old school with a LAN cable. Other than that, here's a quick sum-up (by request) of my trip.

Secret Spy Santas

Title: Secret Spy Santas
Author: vyduan
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: All characters belong to JJ Abrams and Bad Robot.
Characters: Sydney, Francie and Sark
Warnings: None - unless fluff and sugary goodness is too much for you. biggrin.gif Some innuendo.
Quick Summary: Secret Santa exchange at SD-6! Set in S2 during Christmas time after The Passage where Sark joins SD-6. Can be AU or canon afterwards.
Word Count: 1569
A/N: Originally posted at Copy That. Most likely a one-shot. I guess I'm in the mood to experiment with another style (yet again) and I hope it works and doesn't end up being pure conceit. Oh, and I don't bake from scratch so all errors in the baking process are mine and not our capable heroine's. smile.gif

Secret Spy Santas

"He did what?!?" Sydney burst into a fit of giggles. "That's even worse than the Cafeteria Incident freshman year! I will personally ensure that Will never lives this down - no matter how old he gets."